Ouzles Stud is run by Paddington and Richard Burn. 
Paddington joined the National Fancy Rat Society on June 08, 2011 and the name Ouzles was Registered with the NFRS shortly thereafter. 
Paddington and Richard now hold a joint NFRS Membership and the Rattery Name Ouzles is Registered to them both and can be found on the


The rats at Ouzles are raised in an atmosphere of loving kindness.
They live in the main rooms of the house with us, not outside in a shed or a garage. They are completely at ease with the to-ings and fro-ings and various noises of 21st Century life - including the hoover and the hi-fi - and sometimes even appear to be watching the television!

When we breed we do it with regard to Temperament & Health above ALL other considerations.
If some of our rats also end up meeting Show Standards, all well and good, but we'll always breed for Temperament first. Which is why our rats have a reputation for being loving, kissy things.

We only rehome/release our rats in same-sex groups of 2 or more.

If they are not going to be sharing a cage with other rats we only rehome/release our rat babies in groups of 3. This is because:

  • Rats are social animals and prefer to live in a group rather than as one half of a pair. 
  • Groups of 3 or more give rise to smoother cage relationships as the social burden is shared rather than placed entirely on one other rat. 
  • The only time I have ever seen bored looking rats is when they are living as just one half of a pair. 
  • Being part of a small group mitigates against death by heartbreak; when one of a pair 'passes on' the survivor is always extremely miserable and can be tetchy and difficult to deal with. And it is not unknown for the other to die a 'sympathetic' death within a few days. When they live as part of a group that doesn't happen. This is especially important with male rats.

Ouzles achieved NFRS Stud Status in August 2018 .
We also won the Best NFRS Novice Breeder Cup in 2018, the first year in which we took our rats to Shows. 


When God gave Man dominion over the animals He gave us a duty of loving & responsible care to them. "All Animals" includes Rats.


  • We aim to breed healthy, well mannered and tame, loving, intelligent, alert and friendly pets some of whom may also be suitable for showing.
  • We only breed from the most personable rats and that is our primary consideration in selecting the animals we want to breed.
    * We do not breed from hormonal or aggressive bucks, no matter how "show worthy".
    * Nor do we breed from hormonal or aggressive does, no matter how "show worthy".
    * Nor do we breed from a rat that nips, no matter how "show worthy". 


  • We select our stud bucks later than is the norm.
    * We rarely use a buck for stud before the age of 21 months. The reasons are simple: the buck who looks studliest at 8 or 10 months old is never the fittest healthiest, best-looking buck later in life - and we're breeding for health and longevity above all other considerations.
    * Also, selecting for Stud late allows us to observe the buck through the peak of his hormones before selecting him as a Sire. Why is this a good thing? Well, basically. a buck that is kind and nice at 7-8 months might be an over-dominant little ***t at 10, 12 or 15 months. Here, that behaviour would deselect him - render him 'unsuitable' as a Stud - & here his genes will not be passed on. Whereas, elsewhere, he would have already produced several litters by then.
  • We never cull our kittens or adult rats.

  • There is a £20 adoption fee per kitten. We do not have a different fee per colour or coat; a rat is a rat. We keep our fees low so people have no reason to go to a pet shop.

  • On occasion, we may have older rats available for adoption. The adoption fee for older rats is a 1% deduction for every week older than 12 weeks of age. 

  • We will never supply a single rat to be kept on its own as this is psychologically damaging and tantamount to cruelty.
  • We only offer up our kittens in same-sex pairs/trios, etc, as it is vital to a rat's development that they grow up with at least one friend of the same age.
  • We consider it a welfare issue that rats be housed in groups of 3 or more rather than in pairs.
    For this reason, if they are not going to share a cage with other rats, we do not supply pairs of rat kittens, only trios.
  • We also breed our females a little later than is the norm  because it has been proven that late breeding delays the onset of ageing in does - and this has been born out by our experience; our two-year-old does look remarkably young.
  • Our rats are adopted out as pets only. Breeding rights are not given. Please do not breed them.

  • Our rats go out to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age. Any rat rehomed under 7 weeks of age is being rehomed unacceptably young.


Rehome and Rescue rats (incl. Rescue offspring) are occasionally available for a reduced adoption fee; all funds received go straight back into rat care. Most rescues that we are able to take in stay here for life as we are more of a Refuge than a rehoming hub. Those that we are not able to take in we can pass on to other local Rescues who do take in with a view to subsequent rehoming elsewhere.

If you have an older rat that needs a new companion following the death of its cage-mate we may be able to help you as we occasionally have a few teenage or young-adult rats available who would be ideal for this - but it will be at our discretion & we reserve the right to say "no, sorry".


  • We will never let any rat go to go to a person or people who feed them to snakes, etc..
  • Nor to anyone who tries to acquire our rats for breeding - either directly or by subterfuge.

We don't sell our rats. You can't just come in and 'buy' one.

We reserve the right to refuse to rehome our rats to any place or person we feel is unsuitable - without giving a reason why.

We will refuse to rehome our rats if they are going to be kept in a cage or environment we feel is unsuitable.


 All of our rats are health checked before leaving our care to go to new homes. 
We are happy to advise on all things rat related and we are here to provide a lifetime's support to both you and your ratties. 

We welcome the full spectrum of ratty people; everything and everyone: 
from experienced showers and rattery keepers to those brand new to the 
rat world. 

We do ask that, if for any reason, your circumstances change and you can't keep our rats any more, you please bring them back to us as we'll gladly take them in. We consider them our children too.



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NB: The NFRS maintains a list of its studs and ratteries as a convenience but doesn't endorse any stud, rattery or member. Therefore it accepts no responsibility for any rats, including rescues, homed by me.